Builders Log

Total Hours: 875.90


Build Hours: 8

This weekend, started rib stitching the wing. Used the straight needle to stitch the ribs that had no wood blocking. Discovered that the anti-sway supports are blocking the stitch on the root end. Need to move that stitch off about 3/4" to miss that support. Got a curved upholstery needle from Joann's and worked like a charm for the stitches that have wood blocking. Finished the top on Sunday and started the bottom. Need to finish the bottom this week. I'm getting better. It takes me about 2 minutes per stitch. 

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Build Hours: 0.3

Took about 20 minutes and punched pilot holes for the rib lacing. I only did the top until the bugs became too much. I'll finish the rest tomorrow.

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Build Hours: 0.5

Applied the rib reinforcment tape to the ribs.

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Build Hours: 0.75

Drew lines for my rib lacing on the ribs.

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Build Hours: 4

Trimmed the sides and finshed gluing down. Applied the 300 degree iron and cut out the holes on the wing for tank, access, bolts, and root access.

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Build Hours: 2

Glued down the edges on the side and trailing edge of the wing. Glued on the side but stopped to finish tomorrow morning.

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Build Hours: 1

Ironed the leading edge of the right wing. Took longer because a neightbor came over to talk and watch. 

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Build Hours: 1.2

Ironed out the winkles in the rib bays on the top of the wing. 

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Build Hours: 2

Glued on the cloth for the top of the right wing using the same method for the bottom. I'm sold on this method. I'll take pictures of it when I do the left wing.

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Build Hours: 0.45

Cut out a 12 foot panel to glue on the top of my wing. Need at least two hours so I'll wait to glue it on tomorrow evening.

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